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Reiki Songs for Reiki Communities

The songs on this web site are a sampling of the Reiki Songs that have emerged as Reiki has spread around the world. Songs of Reiki are often heard at Reiki gatherings and circles, among teachers and students, and sometimes they play in our heads at the strangest times, reminding us that the Reiki we carry within us is always active, always ready, and always connecting us to all the energy that is around us at all times. Please listen to some Reiki songs and perhaps you will find that they serve as a bridge for you from some of the early masters to your Reiki communities today.


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by Brian Brunius

Oregon, USA, Summer 2014

The idea for The Reiki Songbook began to emerge for me at The Northwest Reiki Gathering in 2014 as I listened to Ellen Montague sing her Reiki song, “Coming Home to Reiki.” The song brought a hundred people together, in one voice. Singing it as a group redirected our energy, focused us, relaxed us, harmonized us, and so much more happened that I cannot put into words.

I knew then that these songs had to be heard, had to be sung, that the younger generation of Reiki masters would benefit so much from learning these songs, sharing them with their communities of students, and being able to recognize and sing their own Reiki songs that may begin to coalesce within them.

I posted Ellen’s song to YouTube and watched over the years as it garnered views and comments. There simply were no other Reiki songs online for people to find. Ellen’s was the only one.

Leicester, England, Spring 2019

At the annual gathering of The Reiki Alliance in England in 2019, I had the beautiful experience of hearing the conference organizing team lead us in a song they had created for the conference, “Weaving Heart, Soul, and Spirit Into Fields of Grace.”

Weaving Heart, Soul and Spirit into Fields of Grace

Weaving Heart, Soul and Spirit into Fields of Grace

Weaving Heart, Soul and Spirit into Fields of Grace”

Set to a timeless Celtic tune we sang “We are all weaving together, fields of grace.” As the group sang this song several times a day over ten days, it built up a tremendous power to unite us, to focus our energies, and to concentrate the power of our circle so fields of grace literally radiated out from us into the world around us.

Even one person gently humming the song in the circle would bring the noisy group of more than a hundred masters into perfect harmony, swaying and singing together.

It Had to Happen

After that conference in England, I contacted Cynthia Faust asking for a Skype call with her to share these ideas that were in my head and would not leave me alone. Cynthia agreed to facilitate the emergence of my vision, and patiently spoke with me week after week until the core of the project formed and the vision started to crystallize.

Ellen Montague, the woman whose song started me on this journey, joined the project in 2020. Together we are just at the starting point of collecting songs and finding ways to share them with the world.

With Love, Brian Brunius

Photo of Brian Brunius on Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan


In April 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, we hosted a Virtual Reiki Campfire Singalong on Zoom and invited Reiki songwriters and songleaders to join us in sharing the songs that are singing inside of them.

Photo of Zoom Reiki Campfire Singalong


From that first gathering, we have selected the following songs as a starting point for the project.

Milly Cain & Kate Jones

Fields of Grace


Ellen Montague

Coming Home to Reiki


Jane Charrington

This is the Gift of Myself


Plinio Cutait

Prayer for All Masters