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“We are all weaving together, Fields of Grace.”


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The Story of the Song “Fields of Grace”

By Kate Jones

As a member of the team for the conference to be held in the UK in 2019 I offered to write a song to be sung during the event. As we explored our theme it became clear that it would reflect our Celtic heritage. I had a recording of some ancient Celtic chants and felt I would like to use one of these tunes as the basis for the conference song.

For a long time, the words would not come. Then at one of our regular meetings we were discussing the theme for the conference. At the time I was reading ‘Defy Gravity’ by Caroline Myss and had been struck by her description of the creation of a field of grace that happens when people pray together. What she described was familiar to me from when a group of people practice Reiki. Sharing this with the rest of the team led to our developing the title for our conference: Weaving Heart, Soul and Spirit into Fields of Grace.

Listening to the recording of the chants after this, the words to one of them came. With some slight amendment from the team they were: “We are all weaving together, Fields of Grace.”

The team were all sent a recording of the song, so that they could learn it before the conference began (it’s very simple to learn) and it became part of the opening ceremony – firstly just the tune hummed, then gradually the words added by the team. The participants soon picked it up.

I was moved by the way this ancient tune brought a wonderful quality of energy to the room. It did indeed seem to help us to create a field of grace. I was asked at one point if the song would be taught, but in fact we didn’t need to have a teaching session because people were able to learn it by ear, simply by singing it. For those who did not speak English and found the words too difficult they were able to simply hum the tune.

My dream in creating this song was that it could help to bring the community of The Reiki Alliance together and help us to move beyond the habitual mental states that cause separation, common in conferences, to a place of re-connection with our souls, inner wisdom, and each other. I was therefore delighted when there were times in the conference when things were not going so well that the song was introduced, often the tune hummed first, then the words added.

The song was also part of the closing ceremony and with everyone now knowing it, our voices joined for a final time to create a Field of Grace in the room.

From Milly Cain

In 2018 we were working on the … and we came up with this great theme for a conference…we had the final ceremony of the Reiki Alliance conference at Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire. This wonderful willow Celtic knot art had been our centrepiece for the conference. We placed it in the grounds near a stream so it could grow there. Lovely memories of that time.

Milly Cain


Kate Jones


Sheet Music

Sheet Music is printed here and there’s a downloadable PDF too.

Maybe we can have multiple versions, for guitar and for piano?

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